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I am often asked "What do you do... exactly?"


For my most recent chapter of life (the past 17 years or so), I have been a self-employed Home Designer who specializes in the design and craft of making Spanish style homes.

Since 2003, I have been designing these custom homes in the seaside hamlet of Santa Barbara, California (where I have called home since 1985).

On October 15, 2018 I published my first coffee table book Creating Spanish Style Homes. In it, I chronicle in a visual diary kind of way... the things I have learned while collaborating with wonderful clients and the very talented independent teams that build the designs I imagine.

I have always loved helping my clients create a vision, a composition and finished environment that they will enjoy for decades to come. This is accomplished through hand drawn renderings on the front end, and art direction of the aesthetic details during the construction phase.




I feel very lucky to live and work in beautiful Santa Barbara, and am always very grateful for the many clients who invest their time and money into these visions for their projects. Since the book came out, I have received many commissions from out of town/state/country new clients.

This is done "remotely" and very easily via phone, email and regular postal service.


Homes With Souls Logo Home Designer Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara California


I am drawn to like-minded people who envision "what could be" and do not care to settle for average.

We share this trait, and it propels the steps to collaborate with quality teams to see the vision through.








Creative Projects Abound...

I have been blessed with a God-given gift of being able to draw the visions I imagine in my mind (and those described to me by my clients).

I am grateful for this unique skill, and I really never know what project will be on my drawing table, next.


custom unique chicken coops in Montecito Santa Barbara California photos  image

BOOK PREVIEW: This Spanish style Chicken Coop is an example of an enchanting structure designed by one of my special Montecito clients.

We collaborated on the re-design of their main house, guest house, entry gates... and everything was designed to have a 1920s or 30s early California Spanish vibe and feel.

You can see a sneak peak of the main house construction, by going to Amazon and click on the PREVIEW images of the book Creating Spanish Style Homes. The 2-story Spanish house... you will see it.




Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara Designer

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs, business owners and real estate investors. Several have award winning careers in music, television, and publishing...

My most memorable compliments have been from successful writers and composers.

They are in the "story telling" business, and that is how I see my conceptual design rendering services.

A well-designed hand drawn rendering can be a valuable shortcut for clients to see the vision for themselves, long before money is spent taking the next steps with technical drawings and construction.




Please contact me if you would like to collaborate on a new project together, or would like to at least discuss a new project endeavor you are contemplating.



Vintage Biography Portrait of Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff DoubetMy Early Years


My Santa Barbara life started on a cold winter night in 1985. I packed my ’56 Ford and left hometown Minneapolis, migrating to the warm and sunny American Riviera.


At 22, I had had my fill of below zero winters, and was looking for a new adventure.

Enthusiastic, and a little naive... I arrived in Santa Barbara with $200 in my pocket.



First stop: The Westmont College "roomates wanted" board, where I noticed a unique job post.

Within 48 hours- I got that job as a live-in Butler / Chauffer for a prominent Television Writer + Producer.

Destiny or Luck... I found myself moving in to a magnificent 1930s Spanish Colonial Revival Montecito Estate.

The home on 3.5 acres of classic landscapes instantly became an inspirational setting... the beginning of my interest in Spanish Home Design and Classic Santa Barbara and Montecito Architecture.



A Bit about my Art + Design Background


Santa Barbara Interior Design Consultant



I regret not pursuing a Degree in Architecture while attending Colleges in Minnesota and California.



Rather, I pursued a degree in Fine Art- focusing on Sculpture and Drawing... and over time (with lots of starts, stops, failures and detours), my life has morphed in to something beautiful.



Sculptors in Santa Barbara California







Creating Spanish style homes and interior designs in Santa Barbara California






Best Spanish Revival Home interior photos images pictures in California











Spanish Style Home Interior Design photos images pictures











Spanish Colonial Revival home designers in Montecito, Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara California




Since my teenage years...

I have been involved in artistic, diverse combinations of:

Fine art, Product Design + development, Home design and renovations-

And ever since I can remember, I have loved to draw.

The skills I have acquired over the last few decades have really contributed to the book I created.




Spanish style mailbox designs for Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch California Spanish Colonial Revival style homes







RIGHT: A custom Spanish Revival mailbox I designed for Casa Corazon, in Santa Barbara California


In my book, I share the steps we took to design and build this custom mailbox.











Architectural Products Designer... and now author and award-winning Home Designer




I established my Santa Barbara Home Design + Consultant business about 17 years ago, and am very fortunate to have won multiple design and service awards on social media.













As an Artist, Designer, Photographer and Author I feel priviledged to be sharing a creative life as I collaborate with so many great clients and the gifted and talented independent trades.





Jeff Doubet product line Verve Collection 2005


Previous to becoming a full time Home Designer...

Designing quality products and marketing them has also always been in my blood.

For 23 years ( 1989 - 2003) I held full-time positions with various Product Development companies.

In my new book, I share a little bit more about my path to becoming an award-winning Spanish home designer and the pro secrets for making a quality project on a budget.

The job experiences as a product designer shaped my way of thinking and is a part of my creative process when consulting with my clients. Our work experiences always build and lead us into our next life chapters.



Hospitality Design Magazine August 2005 Edition Cover photo


During those 23 years... I worked my way up from prototype development and mold-making management positions, and eventually I became a program manager of these architectural products.

In early 2005, I eventually dabbled with and launched my own award-winning product line.

The Verve Collection, (upper right / Page 42 of the August 2005 issue of Hospitality Design magazine).








1995 - 2003

The bulk of my product design + development experience was as a Senior Products Designer and Product Development Manager with Forms+Surfaces, a local Architectural Products manufacturer-


LEFT: One example of the type of surfacing products I designed.

4' x 10' sheet goods that are adhered to walls and other surfaces.




Award winning designer Jeff Doubet California



The "Durango" design has won multiple national awards, including this one, sponsored by the International Interior Design Association.


Locally, Durango is installed at the Santa Barbara Airport Terminal





My 8 year tenure with Forms + Surfaces netted 8 National Product Design Awards.


Award winning designer Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara California



By the time I had left Forms + Surfaces in early 2003...

The popular designs I helped create had already been installed in 275 public projects throughout the world.



It was fun to see them in 20 boutique hotels in intriguing cities such as London, Shanghai, Bangkok, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Taipei and Carmel, CA.


Also: 11 international airports, 13 galleries + museums, various resorts, restaurants, retail, technology and universities.



LEFT: In 1999, Durango won a Grand Prize + Best in Show for innovation in Applied Finishes and Materials.





I apologize that this page was a bit of a ramble, but perhaps it gives you a little bit more info on my artistic background and perspective on creating award-winning projects. I hope you will check out my book, and pop on over to CreatingSpanishStyleHomes.com... a new website I am putting together for the book.


Jeff Doubet


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