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Old World Santa Barbara George Washington Smith style building photos


Seeking George Washington Smith styling for your home, landscape or interior design project?


Santa Barbara Home Design founder Jeff Doubet specializes in designs that have an Old World feel.


Some of my most memorable design projects are collaborations with clients who travel Europe, seeking inspiration for these types of projects.


Design and use of authentic materials and finishes are key.

In my new coffee table book Creating Spanish Style Homes, I show the process of building this brand new structure.





George Washington Smith style homes and properties in Montecito and Santa Barbara California photos, images and information on designers



This newly built...

Original Jeff Doubet Design of a Spanish style Accessory structure was carefully planned to have a timeless, historic feel.


The project was a successful collaboration with the property owner, Jeff and a team of independent General Contractors and trades.







George Washington Smith style designers Montecito Santa Barbara California photos


The completed open air courtyard and the old world, accessory Barn structure.


Sited about 50 feet from the main house...


the separate buildings create a natural view corridor through the new courtyard and to the agricultural valley, below.





Old world architecture Montecito Santa Barbara California landscape photos

LEFT: This image illustrates how a new structure can have an old world feel when the right materials and finishes are used.


The owners have great taste with Spanish Revival style outdoor patio furnishings and antiquities, collected over the years.


The authentic sandstone entry step compliments the simple decomposed granite throughout the courtyard.





Rural Santa Barbara countryside with olive trees and mountain views photo


Situated on a private knoll-

The owners have cultivated 14 acres of land in the foothills of Santa Barbara...

A beautiful, organic Olive Ranch.



Organic Olive Farming in California









They had always dreamt of creating an accessory structure that would add to the ambience of their property...

something that would compliment the rural and old world European feel they have established with the land.



Spanish home landscape with olive trees photos









Olive Ranching in Santa Barbara CaliforniaOrganic Olives Santa Barbara California











Authentic Spanish Design in California



European designs and California Designers photo


Designing inspiring new Spanish structures and landscapes in California beckons careful study of the Old Country...


I believe endearing projects are those that try to capture the soul of the original, romantic designs of 100 and 200 years ago.


LEFT: I took this photo in Mallorca, Spain. A recent trip with a good friend of mine... studying architecture and landscapes.

I share many more images of this trip in my book Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights now available directly at Amazon.




Spanish Revival style designers in California photos



Early in the design process, the owner shared family trip photos, ear-marked coffee table books and other images that conveyed his interest in a rural, European Barn aesthetic and design.


RIGHT: An early Conceptual Design meeting with the owner and his General Contractor.








My early design concept was improved by simplifying architectural details and landscape.

The sandstone capped walls were not built...

and the fountain became a sandstone trough style, instead.





New Construction Spanish Revival architecture in California photos




The footings of a solid foundation are being formed for this project.









Bible note in a building foundation photo


A Pleasant Surprise: The owner and his son prepared a Bible with a hand written note in it.

Placed within the rebar- and near the front entry... it was covered in plastic just before the General Contractor poured the concrete foundation over it.

A time capsule for the ages- always to be remembered.




Bible in a foundation pour photo


You can find this encouraging word in Matthew 7:24

The Good Book has a lot of great promises...





Spanish style construction Santa Barbara and Montecito California photo image




A high quality, double wall structure was framed on the solid foundation.


The owner's General Contractor framing crew enjoyed a beautiful day.







Authentic Spanish Doors photo image


I snapped this shot in Mallorca, Spain- traveling with a good friend, and studying the unexpected.


I have always been fascinated with authentic textures of old stone and plaster.


I can only imagine how this scene changes at dusk as the gas lanterns begin to flicker on this living wall of art.





Spanish Mediterranean landscape design photo




I like opportunities to art direct the aesthetic details of my design projects.


Here, I review independent stone mason progress...

Rustic sandstone landings and garden walls, beyond.


Messy grout lines in stone mimic those found in the streets of old European villages like the one, above.


In my book, I share 240 pages of professional design insights, tips and techniques into creating wonderful projects like this. I have also included over 200 original Spanish style home designs that I have created for clients and projects I have been involved with in Santa Barbara since 2003







Spanish Colonial Revival Front Door entry photo




The charming entry door to the Main house... across the courtyard from the new structure.


The barn lighting hand crafted, to be complimentary in design to this original pendant lantern.


An industrious and friendly sparrow has decided to nest in a safe spot, with a beautiful view through the seeded glass.








Al Fresco dining in a Spanish courtyard in California photos and images


A friendly get-together...


the owners had me over for a wonderful Al Fresco meal in the newly created courtyard of decomposed granite and ancient olive trees.











Spanish Revival outdoor fireplace in courtyard photos and images in California Santa Barbara




As the sun sets... the owner stokes the newly crafted, oversized Spanish Revival fireplace.


Now a main feature of the courtyard... he really pushed me to "over-size" the design of it-

to have a feel of those he and his family have enjoyed in Argentina and other overseas trips.






Old world Spain structures in Santa Barbara California photos

LEFT: Owner and Designer have a friendly chat near the end of the project.

I appreciated the back and forth of our design collaboration.

Per my concept design below, the owner felt the tiled door stoop and iron window grille were not necessary.


Indeed, the structure is elegant in it's simplest form.






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