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Author and Spanish home designer Jeff Doubet shares a collection of his Santa Barbara style Spanish home and landscape designs in his new design book filled with a first hand design perspective on the authentic, old world style and classic detailing that Santa Barbara is reknowned for.

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Jeff Doubet, and I am a local Santa Barbara Home Designer and consultant who really enjoys designing in this style.

Materials and the artisanal methods and techniques are important in creating authentic Santa Barbara style homes.

If you want to learn more, I hope you will check out Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights , a book I published in October 2018 (available on Amazon).


This page highlights "Casa Corazon" one of the examples in the book where I go into more depth on how the project was built. It is a beautiful new Spanish style home nestled in the foothills of Santa Barbara, CA.



Spanish Revival homes before after photos


When I arrived on site to have my first design consultation with property owner I shot over 100 BEFORE photos to capture the design challenge in it's early days.

As you can see, the 1960's Santa Barbara tract house was lacking in just about every aspect of itself.

The architecture was definitely Plain Jane, and the landscape had seen better days, years earlier.

Feel free to scoll down through these photos to see a few highlights of the completed project, particularly the Paseo Courtyard, which was created in this exact very spot.





Spanish house roof tile photos and designs

This is one of my favorite shots I captured while I photo documented the entire process of building Casa Corazon.

It helps illustrates the care and artistry that went in to our every design decision and the element that were designed and built within this signature home and property.


I highlight this project on pages 40 - 49 (of of my 240 page book) and a variety of never before seen photos of the construction of Casa Corazon.

As a Spanish home designer who also loves to photograph the process of making my designs, there is an abundance of behind-the-scenes captured moments like this.

I included over 1,000 images in the book. Over 200 original Spanish home design renderings I have sketched since I started designing Spanish homes in Santa Barbara back in 2003.




Best Spanish style home designs in Santa Barbara California


Remarkable projects start with the desire of a project owner to create something special.

I enjoy collaborating with my clients, as it is a group effort between a multitude of teams. It really takes all to coordinate and accomplish something special like Casa Corazon.

In the book, I include a full timeline of how this Secret Garden Arch was created. On pages 43 - 45 I share photos of the process that went into making the components.


Here is a shot I captured on site while work was being done on the arch.







Spanish style homes in Santa Barbara decorative outdoor tile and landscape photos





Here, nearly 4 years later...

The owner's daughter and her childhood friend have already grown up to be beautiful young women.












Spanish Garden Entrances and Gate way photos in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA Casa Corazon Secret Garden arch


Over the years of designing projects, I have realized that each generation has a group of passionate people who want to create new signature properties for the next generations to enjoy.

The Secret Garden Arch at Casa Corazon is one of the memorable moments of a project that will always be a favorite in my career.

I spent way too many hours building the "Design Consultation in a Book" (3,800 hours, over the course of 2.5 years), but it is a true passion project, and something I wanted to create.

Printed books last long after an author is gone... and I am really happy to have accomplished a book of this type.





Spanish Style courtyards, landscapes and decorative tile in Santa Barbara CA photo




Casa Corazon's daughter (left) with boyfriend.


Prom 2015: Another fond memory for family and friends at Casa Corazon.


I smile to think of the many new photos that will be taken and shared at the Secret Garden Arch in the years to come.

Now these friends have a coffee table book to remember the moment together, as well.







Special Santa Barbara spanish style homes photos

For these types of custom projects...

I collaborate with a wide variety of talented independent architects, structural engineers, general contractors and artisan trades.

If you are a local Santa Barbara, Montecito or Hope Ranch property owner, I can share a list of those resources with you during an affordable initial consultations.


Here, the project owner and I worked closely with the roofing supplier and the installer to get the classic 2 piece Mission Tile roof just the way we wanted.

And I designed these "Chimney Towers" to be accentuated in scale and proportion for the 3 fireplaces to add unique character to Casa Corazon.

They have become art pieces, and are enjoyed from a variety of locations throughout the property.





Spanish style courtyards and entry photos

The Entry Tower with covered porch is nestled in to the existing California Pepper trees.


Having been inspired on a field trip to the Adamson House in Malibu, California (shown directly below)...


The owner and I planned and incorporated Spanish tile into the exterior walls.





Spanish style home photos Adamson House in Malibu California




Spanish home chimney designs in California



The project owner gave me creative license to incorporate classic Spanish style patterns throughout the design project.


For the Chimney Towers, I proposed thinly cut fire brick in a Herringbone pattern as a decorative wainscoting for a unique layer of design texture.


Note how we incorporated decorative Spanish tile in the arched openings, as well.








Spanish home driveway designs and materials photos


Lunch at the Biltmore Hotel in Montecito inspired the use red brick motor court design.


Concrete would have been too monolithic for this size driveway, and the reclaimed bricks have a texture that works well with the old world, white plaster walls and classic red tile roof.








Spanish home with decorative tile within the exterior plaster



The spanish style landscape is beginning to fill in nicely underneath this mini tower bump out at the guest bathroom.


Colorful tile was installed in the extra thick archway and makes for a focal point when driving in to the property.












Spanish house rustic wood carriage style garage doors photos and images





The wood carriage doors were custom designed, as well as the extra thick door openings they are recessed in.


This gives the architecture an extra bit of quality to enjoy every time the owners enter the garage.










Spanish home entry column designs and photos






For the main entrance of the motor court, these new gate columns were created.


Classic design lines with historic undertones, and special detailing help tie in the main approach to the architecture of the home.











Spanish home entry gate design photos




Here, the owner and I test out the shell of an iron light to see if the scale and proportion are right.











Quality clay pots for landscaping and home design for spanish houses



We also took field trips to local supply houses to find just the right design elements for our project.


Not all aspects of designing custom Spanish homes and landscapes require the type of detailing I have been describing on this page.


Here I admire the craftsmanship and quality of this clay pot inventory.








Spanish Style Mailbox Designs by Santa Barbara Home Design


Spanish Style Mailbox designs and components for sale

Want to learn more about how this one-of-a-kind, custom mailbox was created?

Pages 48 - 49 in my book Creating Spanish Style Homes highlights the steps we took to design and build this work of art.


Our custom designed and built Spanish style mailbox incorporated off the shelf parts.


For your own mailbox project, you can purchase the decorative spanish tiles and the bronze mailbox online:

Click the Thumbnails to see current pricing, now.






Design Books for Spanish home design and architecture in Santa Barbara, California USA

Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights by Jeff Doubet is a new design tool and book that helps homeowners, architects, designers and trades visually understand the design principles and processes that go into making a quality Santa Barbara style Spanish home.

In it, author Jeff Doubet shares a compilation of hundreds of original Spanish home designs, sketches, hand-drawn renderings. Within the 240 pages are a wide range of over 800 photos that help illustrate design concepts, and show how these designs are conceived, and made.

It is sold at a fraction of the cost of a single hour of one-on-one consultation with Jeff Doubet.

Please consider clicking any of the links I provide above. I am very proud of the many book reviews that have been written about it. A very special THANK YOU to all the readers who have taken the time to show me this type of support!

*As an Amazon Affiliate, I do receive a small commission on the sale of my own book. No extra cost to you as a purchaser. Thank you. Jeff




















































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