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Learn more about Spanish style decorative grilles and vent covers


Creating Spanish Style Homes book by Jeff Doubet Spanish style home designs and DIY tips and techiques

Are you designing a Spanish style home and wish to incorporate quality decorative grilles and vent covers into your interior or exterior design?

I have been specializing in Spanish home design since 2003, and typically design these elements into each one.

For Spanish home design enthusiasts, you may be interested in picking up a copy of my new book Creating Spanish Style Homes: Before & After – Techniques – Designs – Insights

a Design Consultation in a Book available now, at Amazon (direct link above).

This full color, 240 page coffee table book includes several pages devoted to Pro Designer tips and techniques for Spanish style grilles, fireplaces, and various other insider insights for making a quality Spanish home design project.

As a Santa Barbara home designer... I moonlighted as a photographer and writer who put words and high quality behind the scenes shots together to become an author on the subject.

I wanted to make something that would be an enjoyable and encouraging way to learn basic design principles for building a quality, custom Spanish style home.




Decorative Grilles, Vent Covers and Cast Metal Registers online store links


Decorative Vents, Grilles and Register Covers online store and historic designs info

For another remodeling resource for those designing and building Spanish style homes, I have organized a variety of links to vent covers, grilles and air registers that have decorative designs consistent with this style.


Please scroll through the various Multi-Vendor product links for more info on decorative elements available to make your house a home.


Many of the highlighted links below are direct sources for those hard to find components so many designers, contractors, developers and real estate investors seek to find.









Cast iron Spanish style heater grille covers Click to see various sizes available


Spanish Revival Style Grilles- Click to see wide variety of sizes and configurations




6" x 12" Solid Cast Brass Spanish style Air Vent Covers



6" x 10" Solid Cast Brass Spanish Style Air Vent Cover




4" x 10" Solid Cast Brass Spanish Style Air Vent Covers






Author Jeff Doubet is the founder of Santa Barbara Home Design.


For many years I have been promoting quality products and independent trades who make custom components and others who have the ability to implement these architectural details into the Spanish style homes I am designing for patron clients.


LEFT: A couple of photo examples from my large new 240 page, full color Coffee Table book highlighting teachable insights for those designing and building custom Spanish style homes.


Here, a custom Spanish style grille is being installed at Casa Corazon... a one of a kind Art House, nestled in the foothills of Santa Barbara.

I have always enjoyed art directing these details for one-of-a-kind special Spanish style homes throughout Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch.

Since my book came out in October of 2018, I have been commissioned by a wider range of homeowners. For the past few years I have been doing a lot of designing "remotely" with clients all over the state of California, as well as Arizona, Texas and Florida.



For an affordable Initial Consultation, please contact me to discuss your project needs. I bill $150/hr with a 2 hour minimum. Many of my clients first started out with purchasing my book.




Helpful resources for Spanish style Grilles, HVAC Vent Covers + Return Air Registers.


Decorative Grilles, Registers and heat covers for Spanish style homes

A wide selection of Spanish style grilles, air vent covers and Registers are organized on this custom page on the Santa Barbara Home Design website.

Looking for hard to find sizes and designs for your Spanish home remodel?

Please continue to peruse this special collection of unique products available directly at Amazon.

I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means I will receive a small commission for any purchase you may make from a link I provide on this website.

There is no extra charge to you. Thank you for your patronage.








Classic Spanish Revival Vent Covers in Wood

Click ABOVE link for current pricing on 50+ sizes available and in multiple wood species!






Decorative Air Vents in Spanish Revival Black finish

Click ABOVE Link to see current pricing and 5 most popular sizes available





6" x 10" Spanish Window Grille style Air Vent Covers

4" x 10" Spanish Window Grille style Air Vent Covers

4" x 12" Spanish Window Grille style Air Vent Covers








6" x 12" Historic Reproduction Air Vent Grilles







Affordable Alternative to Cast Iron Spanish Style Air Vent Covers

Perfect for Spanish style home remodeling and where budget is a concern.

Click ABOVE Link to see current pricing on full body plastic decorative vent and register covers for Spanish style homes.





Flat Black Spanish Colonial Revival Heat Vent Cover Collection

Click ABOVE Link to see current pricing and 8 most popular sizes available






Flat Black Spanish Colonial Revival Grid Cover Collection

Click ABOVE Link to see current pricing and 5 most popular sizes available





Oil Rubbed Bronze Spanish Style Deco Vent Covers (Available in 9 popular sizes)

Click Link ABOVE to see current pricing for the 9 popular sizes in this line.



Spanish Revival Style Grilles (Available in numerous sizes)



Click a Link ABOVE to see current pricing for each.




Decorative Air Vent Covers, decorative plaster grilles and cast metal registers online resources and store


This custom Spanish style home in Santa Barbara incorporates 1.5" thick plaster vent covers for the heating ducts.


It becomes a decorative element in the room and looks great with the Spanish tiles and the dark stained and distresed wood beams.


Click to see pricing on Blue Talavera tiles for Spanish style homes now.









historic spanish style air vents, grilles and registers online resources

LEFT: Here I do some final hands-on art directing / consulting for subtle wall texture on a historically authentic, 2 inch thick decorative plaster grille in a favorite clients Spanish style home in Santa Barbara.

This decorative grille pattern and design was originally used in Montecito's historic Biltmore hotel.

I teach more about this image in my book Creating Spanish Style Homes.






Inspiring Online Resources: Decorative Grates, Vent Covers and Registers for Spanish Homes


Best places to buy plaster grilles, decorative air vent covers, and register covers for Spanish style homes

Hard to find products for Spanish style homes and interior design projects include aesthetic components such as custom plaster vent grilles, cast iron registers and wood vent covers for heating ducts.

I am the founder of Santa Barbara Home Design and am an Artist, Designer and Photographer who also writes on the subject of Spanish home design.

As a specialist in Spanish style home designs, I often am an art director and consultant for these types of custom items incorporated into the homes I design.

For hourly rates and availability, please click my Services Page or Contact Page for scheduling a consultation.

Consultations are billed at $150 /hr with a 2 hour minimum.

LEFT: I sneak peek into my new 240 page, full color Coffee Table book mentioned above.




Online Store Resource for Spanish style decorative grilles, vent covers and registers



Cross Grilles... Click to see wide variety of sizes and current pricing.







As an Artist, Sculptor and Designer... I appreciate other Artisans who put their heart and soul into their creations.

Make sure to check out the wide selection of quality designs from this California Blacksmith. His product line is available directly at Amazon Handmade.

Just click the drawer pull to see current pricing







Click to see this quality Spanish Revival style door mat, other sizes and designs




Multi-Vendor Store Resources for High Quality Vents, Grille Covers and Registers


Multi-Vendor resource for high quality vents, grille covers and Registers consultant


Hard to find high quality vent covers, grilles and register collections by multiple vendors...

Santa Barbara Home Design has been designing high quality Spanish homes in Montecito, Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara since 2003.

Contact Jeff Doubet for an affordable initial consultation for other Spanish Home decorative elements. Just $150/hr with 2 hour minimum.






Oil Rubbed Bronze Spanish Style Vintage Vent Covers (Available in over 25 Sizes)

NEW! Now available in Oil Rubbed Bronze... These Classic, high quality vent covers are perfect for Spanish Style and Traditional Homes throughout the country.

Click Direct Link (Above) to see pricing for for 25 different sizes available.





Cast Iron Floor Grilles Vendor for Spanish Style Homes (12 Grille Sizes Available)



Click Direct Link (Above) to see pricing for your specific size requirement. This vendor has 12 popular sizes available for the common need.



Cast Iron Grilles + Vent Covers for Spanish Style Homes 28 sizes Available to fit most any Applications)

Click Direct Link (Above) to see pricing for your specific size requirement.

These are the classic elements that make a Spanish house a home...





Classic Spanish Style Vent Covers in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish (in the 7 most popular sizes)

Click Direct Link (Above)to see current pricing for popular sizes.




Historic Designs in Decorative Grates, Vents and Register Covers


Historic Decorative Grilles photos images pictures from Spain


Images, pictures and photos of historic vent covers, decorative grates and register covers...


I love to photograph them!


I view these historic elements of Spanish style homes as "Art"... and admire them for their dimensionality, unique designs and how the light and shadows play on their three-dimensionality.


This is a shot I captured in Spain. If you look for them, works of art are all around us.






Do you crave new resources for details in to your custom Spanish Revival style home?

I love stumbling upon high quality products that I can imagine utilizing in to new projects...

Click to see the wide selection and collection of these authentic Old World switch plates at Amazon Handmade.






Online Store for Decorative Grilles, Vent Covers and Registers for Spanish Style Homes



Jeff Doubet and his design studio Santa Barbara Home Design is always on the lookout for new sources for Spanish style home goods and traditional home furnishings.


Please check back to see what I may have discovered next.


This is a hobby that I continue to build out, as I add Spanish interior design resources regularly.












Spanish style Vents, Covers, grilles and registers for Spanish style homes




Decorative air vents in Spanish style interiors become Art when they are positioned in prominent places within a home.









As previously mentioned: I am an Amazon affiliate. When you shop the various links I provide above, I receive a small commission on your purchase of those products. You are not charged any more than the price it is on Amazon. I will earn a small commission for introducing you to the product that you purchased. Thank You!




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