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Spanish Cottage Hand Drawn Renderings for sale as fine art prints

Established in 2003 by Jeff Doubet, Santa Barbara Home Design is a valuable local resource for helping you create a beautiful home and landscape.

California Spanish home designer books

Please review this small sampling of Jeff Doubet Home Design renderings and photos below, and contact me if you would like to discuss a new project you would like to accomplish.

I work with clients locally, as well as out of state. Particularly Texas, Arizona and Florida.



I have compiled over 200 Spanish home design renderings and over 800 photos of my process... in a new coffee table book I recently published in the fall of 2018. Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights by author Jeff Doubet is now available directly on Amazon.


This website is designed to help you visualize the SERVICES that I provide.

Santa Barbara style home + landscape design - Consultant - Remodeling Coach - Architectural Illustrator




Spanish Revival Barn Design by Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara CA

Design Collaboration in planning is a cost effective way to shape the overall vision for your entire project.


Conceptual Design Renderings are a vision, A way to establish the design direction for your home and landscape.


Floor plan, interior + exterior concept renderings and a landscape design create this comprehensive design.






The Jeff Doubet design rendering (above) was an Original concept sketch for this Spanish Barn / Accessory Structure.

It was utilized by the homeowner's architect to develop the working drawings and presentation materials for meeting with the Architectural Board of Review.


The rendering was also used for Art Direction of Santa Barbara Style detailing of design elements while the Homeowner worked with their General Contractor.





Developing Land in Santa Barbara CA


With careful Planning and Artistic attention to details, this Santa Barbara style Spanish Barn was designed to have a European countryside aesthetic.

It's construction from the ground up is now featured in Jeff Doubet's new book about California Spanish style home design.









Authentic 2 piece Mission Tile roof.

A sneek peek into the new book by Spanish home designer Jeff Doubet












The structure was built by the home owners General Contractor using authentic, classic Santa Barbara style building materials... using Old World techniques and finishes that I go into more detail within Creating Spanish Style Homes.


If you would like to help creating your own project, please contact me for an affordable Initial Consultation.





Santa Barbara Home Design and Romantic Architectural Detailing



Santa Barbara estates by Jeff Doubet


Looking for a specialist in Santa Barbara style home design?


This website is dedicated to the craft of creating quintessential Spanish homes







Casa Corazon by Jeff Doubet and Danny Vickers


RIGHT: Casa Corazon

This completed Spanish Revival style home was built in Santa Barbara California and the 4 year construction project is now featured on pages 40 - 49 of the book.







St Tropez Estate by Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara CA



An original Jeff Doubet conceptual design for a Maria Lutah Riggs home addition + renovation in Montecito. The floor plan and before photo is shared in the book.







Casa Ramona Montecito CA



I often am commissioned as an illustrator for in and out of town projects where the architect and project owner seek high quality presentations to the architectural review boards.

Please contact me if you would like to have me illustrate your presentation.







West Beach Spanish Revival Santa Barbara




This small Spanish Revival design rendering by Jeff Doubet was used in the local Santa Barbara architectural board of review presentation.






Spanish Home on West Beach Santa Barbara CA




This San Francisco client was seeking additional charm giving elements for this charming Spanish style home that was built in the West Beach neighborhood of Santa Barbara, CA.

I highlight the construction of the project on pages 28 - 33 of Creating Spanish Style Homes







Montecito and Santa Barbara Interior Designers: Spanish Style Homes


Spanish Revival Fireplace Santa Barbara



Jeff Doubet is a Santa Barbara Designer specializing in the romantic, decorative elements of Spanish Style homes.


I also have established relationships with a multitude of independent licensed Santa Barbara Architects, General Contractors, CAD drafting services, and licensed structural engineers that help my clients create the homes they dream of.


I understand the nuances of Classic Santa Barbara Design and Building Materials and can help you design, and art direct the various decorative elements you are seeking to create.

If you are out of town and would like to learn more, my new book would be a great investment for those that seek to create an authentic Santa Barbara Spanish style home.


In the book I share a wide range of first hand design insights, tips and tricks that will make your design and remodel more enjoyable.




Jeff Doubet Illustrator


Thank you for spending time on my website.


I hope you have gained some insights and sense that I am dedicated to my Santa Barbara Home Design services and the craft of Spanish Revival Style Home Design Tips.


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Thank You for taking the time to look at just a sampling of my work with other local Montecito and Santa Barbara clients.


Please contact me if you would like to see my entire portfolio of projects and to discuss your new project.




Jeff Doubet



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