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Montecito: Small Spanish Home Designs and Landscapes by Jeff Doubet


Montecito Small spanish home and landscape designersLooking for help with a quality Montecito small Spanish style home or landscape redesign project?

Jeff Doubet 805-687-1716 specializes in small house and landscape design in Montecito and Santa Barbara, CA.

I like working with clients that appreciate high quality details in their homes and surroundings, and enjoy introducing them to a wide range of talented independent trades sharing a passion for the Artisanal Craft and creating beautiful places to live.





reliable talented builders developers designers in montecito and santa barbara california

ABOVE: Fall 2014 photo of a small Montecito Spanish style home and landscape- nearing completion.

RIGHT: For nearly 100 years, Montecito and Santa Barbara has been blessed with a quality selection of talented builders, developers and artisan trades.

I enjoy working with these independent teams, as we create the new projects in our area.




Investing in Montecito Fixer Homes, properties and Landscapes

Photos of the Montecito Fixer property that a local Real Estate Investor and high end builder had purchased as an investment "Flip" (below). A local General Contractor introduced me to this special client and project.



Montecito real estate fixers small spanish homes

Since 2003, I have been helping my clients see the potential in homes like this one.


I shot this BEFORE photo of the Fixer when I first arrived at the project site. It had good bones, and is located in a great Montecito neighborhood... Important attributes for a successful Flip.


Early concept ideas included cutting back roof eaves.

Decorative upgrades to the chimney cap, a stucco cupola, thickened walls, carriage doors, and an upgraded Spanish Tile roof.



designing small Montecito homes and landscapes rendering


The original Jeff Doubet concept rendering with the various potential upgrades including imported Olive Trees

Note that I sketched a subtle arch front door with plaster eyebrow detailing and thick corbeled garden wall near garage.

The high end builder/investor specified a wire brush finish authentic spanish front door with speakeasy.




quality small spanish homes in montecito photoAt Christmas 2014, the project was nearing completion.

The small Montecito Spanish home begins to take shape as originally proposed in the Conceptual Design Rendering.


The future fountain centerpiece within the walk to the Spanish front door has yet to be installed.







mediterranean photos of landscapes for spanish homes


Several months later... the drought tolerant, mediterranean style landscape for this Spanish home starts to fill in.



I specified Sweet Lavender, white iceberg roses, Mexican Sage, Rosmary, Jasmine vines.

They look great with the Santa Barbara Sandstone walls and steps.







Montecito landscape design for spanish mediterranean style photo


LEFT: A new re-sawn arbor frames the arched door entry.


Spanish Mediterranean style landscaping has been planted including Olive Trees.

Walkways are currently being prepped for a permeable, flagstone layout.


If you are contemplating a local landscape or Spanish home re-design...

Please give me a call to schedule an affordable Initial Consultation



Transforming Montecito and Santa Barbara Fixers: one project at a time


Montecito landscape design services and old olive tree resources


The real estate investor of this Montecito Fixer Flip property is saavy in investing in quality landscaping, including two ancient olive trees.

Our team appreciated the irony in seeing the actual olive trees "match" the shape and size of those sketched in the early conceptual design rendering (above).






Montecito and Santa Barbara Landscape Design Consulting and Old Olive Tree resources

LEFT: Arrival of one of the two old olive trees, specially purchased and craned in for this small Montecito Spanish Home and Landscape project.


These olive trees added an instant, sculptural ambiance to the short stroll to the front entry door.




Investing in Montecito Fixer Uppers


Quality paint and stain Montecito California resources for small Spanish style homes


This talented project team of high end builders, independent contractors and designers pooled ideas and specialty backgrounds to craft a high quality Montecito "Flip" that would appeal to a wide range of home buyers.


This project was SOLD during construction... Before it was completed, or was listed on the MLS with a realtor and for a record price for the neighborhood (per sq ft).


The buyer recognized the high quality of construction and design direction and worked with the team to add their own interior finish preferences during final weeks of construction.


Here, the General Contractor's painting crew begin a multi-step staining process on the new arbor.






quality small spanish homes Montecito real estate resources photo


I am an admirer of the classic architects of the 1920s and 30s... Edwards, Plunkett, and Howell. Maria Lutah Riggs, George Washington Smith, Wallace Neff...


These architects focused on the "Art" of the homes that they were creating. Chimneys, cupolas, old world plaster finishes and details...


Their clients also saw the value in investing in architectural details such as iron grilles and gates, spires and lightning rods.




ABOVE: For the high quality renovation of this small Montecito Spanish Cottage... a lot of attention was put in to the details. There were on site discussions with the owner's roofing contractor- I enjoy art directing these types of design consultations.

















Spanish home designs California photos











Montecito Landscape Design ideas:


Montecito Landscaping with Sandstone walls and steps, mexican sage and white iceberg roses












small spanish style entry door with stone work in Montecito California real estate


The gentle arch top Entry Door with Speak Easy. Note how the plasterers handcrafted the thick wall with eyebrow shape?


As a designer, I enjoy finding strategic ways to elevate the perceived value to any given project.

Framing a new decorative wall about 16" in front of the original existing structural wall added depth to this entry.


To see pricing for Spanish style exterior light (shown), click to go to Amazon.com. There, you will see other popular lanterns that top Spanish style home designers are specifying in California.






affordable outdoor lighting for spanish style homes


Quality Montecito and Santa Barbara homes are created with layers of complimentary materials:


Old world plaster, thickened walls, rough sawn timbers, stone work such as Santa Barbara Sandstone, Cherokee Creek and Oklahoma Stone flagstone.

Please contact me if you have a local Montecito, Hope Ranch or Santa Barbara "Old World" home that you would like to re-design.

Click image below to see current lantern pricing at Amazon, now.








Small Montecito homes interior design services photo spanish entry foyer



The Investor + Developer asked me for conceptual ideas for sprucing up a low ceiling foyer of the Montecito tract home he was planning to transform into a high quality, small Montecito home renovation.


I proposed a thick recessed wall at front door with a chamfered splay... highlighting the gentle arch of the new spanish door.



Due to small scale of this foyer, I also recommended a subtle, plaster tray ceiling detail that would juxtapose the new, 21" thick arch passage to the great room.






small Montecito Fixer Upper houses in great neighborhood



Montecito Kitchen designer sketches and planning



One of several on-site conceptual sketches that I developed for kitchen and great room interior design ideas

I enjoy on site brainstorming sessions with my clients.


On these two sketches, I study the idea of a decorative, corbeled plaster header that would subtly differentiate the kitchen from the adjacent great room.






Small Montecito kitchen design photo

I captured this shot as the construction of this Spanish style kitchen nears completion.


The Developer and his Interior Designer wife took my early sketches and picked out cabinets, colors, granite and tile, appliances...

The general contractor, also a talented high end painting contractor did the finishing of kitchen cabinets, custom burnished nickel silver finish on the range hood, and custom stain on windows, doors+ nterior doors




Montecito kitchen designer drawings conceptual ideas

Another sketch, studying the rooms from a different angle.


Here, the 21" thick passage from great room to entry foyer, a farm sink, optional plaster range hood, art niche in kitchen desk nook...





The Real Estate Investor / Developer and his talented Interior Designer wife put a modern spin to the finishes of this project, and I always enjoy seeing how clients take my napkin sketches and make the ideas their own.



Montecito Interior Design Kitchen photos



















quality reliable Montecito independent contractors



DIRECTLY ABOVE: The hands on, independent General Contractor puts finishing touches on the detailing of this beautiful renovation of a small Montecito Spanish Style home.



Custom Shed Designs for Spanish Homes in Montecito California


spanish style gardener shed montecito santa barbara ca photos

A Spanish style garden shed designed by local Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet.


A work in progress... The herb garden, potting shed table and other classic Montecito garden accoutrements are forthcoming.

In my new book

Creating Spanish Style Homes: Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights I have a series of photos that show the step by step process of building this shed.

To "Look Inside" at Amazon (an 8 page PREVIEW), as well as book reviews, click the direct links above.





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If you are looking for quality ideas and resources for designing small Montecito homes, interiors and/or landscapes- Please contact me to schedule an affordable Initial Consultation


Good Luck to you and your family throughout 2015.



Sincerely, Jeff Doubet (805)687-1716




P.S. As an Amazon affiliate, I do receive a small commission from any books or products that you might purchase. As you can see, I believe in my product recommendations.


Thanks in advance for your support!


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