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Spanish_Colonial_Revival_Design_in_Santa_BarbaraJeff Doubet is an author and local Santa Barbara Home Designer who specializes in Santa Barbara Spanish Style Homes.

I recently announced that my new book is finally completed and available directly on Amazon.

Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights is a 240 page, full color book that highlights projects I have conceptually designed and been involved with from 2003 - 2018.

The book represents literally tens of thousands of hours of design time, and as a home designer who has a passion for photography, I have packed the book with a generous and abundant supply of photos like this that I have taken while on the job sites of the designs I have created.

In the book, specifically pages 52 - 53, I highlight this project (Left) and the 3 other versions of the design that I had drawn (before the project was approved by the Santa Barbara Architectural Board of Review).


LEFT: A new custom Santa Barbara Spanish Colonial Revival Duplex conceptually designed by Santa Barbara Spanish Home Designer Jeff Doubet.





Spanish style home design and renderings

The original Jeff Doubet persective rendering for the duplex home, above.


My design rendering was used to present this 3-Story proposal to the Santa Barbara Architectural Board of Review.


The 24" x 36" Hand Drawn Architectural Rendering was also used in presentations to the Santa Barbara Planning Commission.











One of the BEFORE photos I shot while the story poles were going up during project approval process.



The original home was a tear down, with no historic significance for the East Beach neighborhood.









Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet is an Author who designs Spanish Revival Estates



Spanish Revival Style new homes Construction photos and designs

Here, the brand new Spanish Revival estate was under construction on the 5 acre parcel in 2015 when I captured the progress.

I share the finished project in my new book.






Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights is now available on Amazon



Spanish home designs, etchings, renderings and hand drawn sketches by Santa Barbara Designer Jeff Doubet

Here is one of the loosely drawn design concepts I developed for the landowner, to help illustrate how their project could lay out on the property.

Based on the wish list my clients had expressed-

I envisioned the new home, motorcourt with pass through and the rural farm landscaping that includes a mini vineyard could layout on the expansive lot.





estate building lots for spanish style homes in California photos



LEFT: The blank canvas.

The 5 acre flat lot, amongst other large estate parcels.


Definitely check out the book if interested. On pages 200 - 203 I share more photos of the process of taking this raw land parcel and making something very special.






Spanish Style Pool Cabana Designs in Santa Barbara



Santa Barbara style pool cabanas



A new Spanish style Pool Cabana design by Santa Barbara Designer Jeff Doubet.

I was introduced to this Builder Developer by my Casa Corazon client.








The original Cabana design


The client took this conceptual design to his architect and structural engineer for technical drawings and permit.






Santa Barbara style pool cabana designers


I captured this shot of the vacant land where the Spanish Cabana was eventually built.

The main house is across the pool.

The new structure created an intimate setting, with beautiful mountain views.






Creating New Classics in Spanish Revival Style Home Designs


Spanish Revival Estate Casa Corazon Santa Barbara CA



Casa Corazon is a Spanish Revival home and a creative collaboration between Owner + Builder and home designer Jeff Doubet.


To see the progression of the four year Design Build process for this Santa Barbara Fixer + "Tear Down" considering purchasing my new design book, above.

In it, I share many behind the scenes shots of this home under construction.





Casa Corazon Santa Barbara Before and After



The owner builder determined that this tract home framing was not worth saving... low plate height, termites, etc.


The existing foundation was utilized in the new construction.









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