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Hi, my name is Jeff Doubet, a local home designer who enjoys clients that value quality in materials, design and workmanship.


Please scroll to see how I helped an out of town client modernize a Montecito cottage.





Santa Barbara fixer cottages


This 1940's fixer in the Santa Barbara area lacked personality.

This photo was take before renovations and the new pool.


Here, the owner and I were exploring a 2 piece clay roof option.

A Spanish style renovation was passed up for a clean, modern architecture.







modern style small cottages in Santa Barbara




As a second home, this out of state client envisioned a turn key retreat that they could come and go, knowing it was safe and secure behind it's new site walls and gate.









modern entry gate design santa barbara




This project collaboration came at a great time in my life.


I was just beginning my home design and consultant business after many years as Sr. Product Designer + Manager at a modern Architectural Products Company Forms + Surfaces.


I utilized this experience to help this special client achieve her dreams-

including designing this wide entry gate that she envisioned to pivot on an offset mechanism.





modern waterfall pool fountain Santa Barbara CA


During my career as a Product Designer at Forms + Surfaces, I had the pleasure of traveling many trips to Asia exploring materials, factories and their capabilities.


I used some of that experience to design this custom stainless steel waterfall fountain. I worked with a talented local artisan who fabricated it.







modern style cottage entry doors photomodern style cottage entry foyer photo Santa Barbara


The client planned 7 foot tall site walls... which would give instant privacy for the new pool. After walking past the front courtyard and pool, guests arrive at a double french door entry which frames a beautiful ocean view, beyond.






modern cottage entry foyer photomodern art by local Santa Barbara Artists photo



The client and I designed spaces to maximize the enjoyability within a small footprint.




modern living room photos santa barbara



The contemporary lines of the living room are accentuated with lots of french doors that open to an attractive patio space and provide the Indoor Outdoor feel.


The fine art collection includes four art panels above the fireplace... original designs by Jeff Doubet (created in early 2000)








modern furnishings santa barbara photosmodern art and furnishings in Santa Barbara California photo




modern cottage interior designer photo


The owner had a vision of windows that would be installed lower than normal... and provide natural light, but also provide privacy from the neighbor.



These windows became "Living Art"... as the shadows on the plants, as well as the plaster site walls change as teh sun moves throughout the day.








modern cottage kitchen design in Santa Barbara



The owner also had great instincts for installing modern lighting as "art" for the small spaces.



This same concept was incorporated in the eat-in kitchen, the foyer, and the bedroom hall.








modern dining in Santa Barbara California



An inviting dining room table is close to the kitchen and both overlook the living room, beyond.



The clean lines of a stainless steel farm sink add to the modern design of this kitchen.




modern stainless steel farm sink photo




Modern Cottage Design + Interior Design in Santa Barbara California



Santa Barbara Modern Kitchen with stainless steel farm sink photo


For this modern kitchen in a small Montecito home... an eclectic mix of components were used.


A long awning style window was installed directly above the Stainless Steel Sink.

Clear coated Maple cabinets give warmth to the stainless appliances.






Modern Patios and Cottage photo



The kitchen / dining room spills out on to a beautiful outdoor patio with fireplace.






Modern living in Santa Barbara California home design



An outdoor living room was created using new masonry walls. The owner had a dream of an 8 foot wide bed of glass and flames as a fireplace focal point.


Here, a dinner guest enjoys the space as the host prepares dinner very close by.


The couch wall doubles as the pool equipment room, which is located directly behind it.


modern home pool equipment building





Outdoor room patio with modern fireplace Santa Barbara photo


An 8 foot long "Gull Wing" Copper Fireplace cap was designed for this modern fireplace in Santa Barbara.



Sketches were given to a local copper fabricator and the the fireplace contractor installed it.













Modern Interior Design in Santa Barbara California


modern art resources in Santa Barbara California photo



This modern style Santa Barbara cottage was designed with crisp, sharp lines within the architectural detailing.

Here, I designed a "See Through" niche within a thick wall.


It allows a bit of mystery and allows peek views to the living room, beyond.







modern art and furnishings in Santa Barbara CA photo modern sink in Santa Barbara Cottage style bathroom photo




Specialty art niches were designed throughout this project. Note the Light Well, with modern lighting...




modern lighting in Santa Barbara CA photomodern design bathrooms Santa Barbara photo





modern spa style bathroom Santa Barbara CA photo

The Spa-like master bath has a soaking tub in front of a "french window"... when opened, it provides an experience of bathing in a private garden.

Santa Barbara bath design and planning photo


ABOVE: Red Rosin paper was used to Mock Up the tub location to confirm that the soaking tub would "fit".



Modern Interior Design in Santa Barbara, California


I enjoy helping my clients create the modern designs in their homes. There is something very sculptural in creating spaces with contemporary lines.

Lots of materials and components that can push a cottage like this, toward a modern contemporary feel.




Modern Bathroom design in Santa Barbara modern soaking tub photoModern Spa Bathroom photos in Santa Barbara CA





modern style cottage den photos in Santa Barbara CA


For the office / guest room...

The long awning window above the couch provides privacy from the next door neighor and is a nice backdrop for the couch which is also a hide-a-bed.

The French Doors continue the theme of the indoor outdoor experience throughout the house.

These doors provide a view, and lead to the front yard pool.









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