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Quality She Sheds and custom designs for Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch California properties a specialty for Santa Barbara Home Designer, Jeff Doubet. (805) 687-1716

As an Artist and Conceptual Home Designer, I enjoy working with local client wish lists and crafting artistic renderings and designs that will make dreams and visions come true.





best quality she shed photos and images in California Santa Barbara Montecito


Special Design Requests:


Each of my clients are unique in their dream wish lists...

RIGHT: I really enjoyed collaborating with this talented client that has a great eye for interior design.


She desired to create a deluxe She Shed at the back of her wooded property.






She Shed interior design photos, best of Montecito sheds in California



For her She Shed amongst the trees...

A nice mix of new and used materials.

She purchased this beautiful rustic door from a second hand store, and it was incorporated in with the other high quality building materials including:


custom millwork

wood windows

wood floors

authentic resawn beams

and old world plaster wall finish.

antique iron work...

And a quality slate roof and copper detailing to match the main house-






she shed entry door photos and images in California Santa Barbara Montecito


Quality She Sheds by Santa Barbara Home Design


Many of my clients are women looking to charm up their properties with custom She Shed structures.

There are a myriad of ideal properties that are well suited for a bit of such whimsical charm.


Most of my current She Shed projects are designed to be complimentary, mini versions of the main house.


All are exceptionally fun to conceptually design, and I enjoy art directing the details for those that are built in our local area.





sheds by women, photos images ideas for interior design pictures


Tiny structures like this 9 ft wide X 13 ft long work of art can be built with the highest grade materials, and look just as nice as the homes they compliment.



I am a home designer and consultant for these types of specialty sheds, and can help guide you through your next steps for creating your shed.




She Shed Designers and Conceptual Design Renderings Only in California Santa Barbara and Montecito images


I am well connected with a wide variety of independently hired licensed architects, structural engineers, general contractors and artisan teams that enjoy being involved in projects such as these.


Please call Jeff Doubet at (805) 687-1716 for an Initial Design Consultation.




she shed interior design photos and images California Montecito and Santa Barbara




Far away from the main house and guest house, this deluxe, quality She Shed design is a delightful hide-a-way retreat for the owners and their kids.


It is a pleasantly quiet, peaceful spot to read a book or write a page in an old diary.


These types of mini garden houses are great for staycations... just getting away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.


This garden shed is also located near the chicken coop and veggie gardens.





Resources for Santa Barbara Home Design She Shed Designs


she shed best photos in Santa Barbara CA images


Jeff Doubet designs for custom sheds have really caught the eye of the industry as a whole. Try doing an online search and you will find a wide variety of entities featuring his designs. Magazines, online blogs, articles, worldwide exposure on Pinterest boards and Houzz ideabooks... even a mention on Oprah.com

If you are a local Montecito, Santa Barbara or Hope Ranch resident looking for best resources and components... the "how to" to design and install a great shed, please give me a call.


I help my clients redesign their homes and landscapes and I often sketch ideas for sheds within the landscape.


Wonderful indoor/outdoor environments that have a warm and comfort really capture the hearts of home buyers. I enjoy creating the vision, for those looking help in designing their homes, sheds and landscaping. If you are local and would like to discuss your project, please contact me for an affordable initial consultation.



shed design sketches and landscape drawing in Santa Barbara California

fixer homes, properties and land in Santa Barbara California


BEFORE photo, above






SantaBarbaraHomeDesigner.com She Shed ideas, designs, designer images and photos of completed project


The early rough sketch (Above), illustrates some early thoughts on the shed placement,and also an idea for creating a more interesting approach to the shed, via a meandering path leading up to it.


I like to enhance my custom Santa Barbara and Montecito shed designs with "Layers of other Textures" that will surround them.

It can make a very simple structure feel more valuable... often outweighing the costs to create.



Here, stone columns and rustic sandstone steps, is an introduction to an intimate and affordable gravel patio area with Adirondack chairs overlooking a small hobby vineyard- to the right.






Santa Barbara style landscaping with arbors, garden sheds, gravel, grape vines




For the 3/4 acre parcel, a goal was to design a variety of interesting, decorative old school garden elements that would ultimately add to the overall charm of the property.


The quaint, gated driveway arbor with wisteria vines are reminiscent of a bygone area in Santa Barbara, and can still be seen in the Upper East neighborhoods near the Mission.

For this home, it is an enchanting way to provide privacy and the Eugenia hedge hides trash, recyle and the garden compost area.


Gravel pathways and patios are an inexpensive, permeable landscape accents that look great with classic Santa Barbara Sandstone walls, columns and borders.






Charming She Shed images and photos in Santa Barbara California



Many of the high end She Sheds I design in Santa Barbara and Montecito are custom 10 foot X 12 foot structures that compliment the design of the house.


This garden shed has Board and Batten siding, quality aluminum clad wood windows and roofing that matches the owner's house, below.


I incorporated a wood cupola with copper roof...


and a Smithsonian replica solid copper and brass weathervane that has become playful "Living Art" as it sways in the gentle, coastal breezes.





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RIGHT: This happy Garden Shed owner puts in some additional sweat equity. She painted her own shed, inside and out.

In 2017: This shed and cute owner was featured in a new Coffee Table Book about She Sheds. Check out pages 120 - 123 of this book available directly on Amazon direct link, above.






she sheds for women photos and images in California Santa Barbara





A charming french door was purchased at our local Santa Barbara Habitat for Humanity Restore for $100. No need to repaint...

it's old red paint adds character to this brand new shed.


The authentic iron outdoor light fixture, interior sconces and table lamp were all free dumpster dive finds... and have been hung as interesting, sculptural "props" (not wired).



A sandstone stone landing was chiseled by local Santa Barbara Stone Masons, for an added layer of textural interest, juxtaposing the inexpensive gravel patio.





she shed design details photos images in Santa Barbara California


She Sheds can be a fun place to let your hair down and give yourself permission to decorate with funky antique and second hand store "stuff".

Things that put a smile on your face every time you reach a weekend, or want to unwind at the end of your day.

Here are some examples: folksy art gifts, that have found their perfect spot.






Santa Barbara Home Design She Shed and Garden Shed Interior Design Photos and Ideas


she shed pictures and designs for women, ideas and images of interior designs

Quality interior design ideas for She Sheds often mirror the interests and personalities of those seeking to design and build these get-away structures.

I find that each new project I design is centered around the unique values of the owner.

Here, this beautiful client works inside her brand new She Shed-

And on this sunny morning-

Applying the first coat of paint on the newly installed high quality wood windows.




She Shed and garden house interior design, interior designer photos and images in Santa Barbara California


For this particular She Shed / Garden area Shed...


She desired an informal, cabin feel where she could decorate and create the interior design with garage sale and antique store goodies that would ultimately add to it's charm.


A low budget, cozy interior to hang out in.






garden house interior design photos in Santa Barbara California Montecito area


Her 10 x 12 Garden shed is roomy enough for a couch and a narrow desk.


Before I custom designed this shed, I studied dimensions of all components: couch, a round table, side desk, etc to figure out best configuration for the windows, door, etc.


Shiplap Siding (tongue and groove boards) were white-washed to give a a cabin-like feel to the interior design.



Santa Barbara Home Design and Jeff Doubet Shed designs go mainstream

Besides the 2017 release of an independent author's new She Shed book on Amazon features 3 quality projects by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet. This specific She Shed has 4 featured pages (120 - 123)... a multitude of social media sites have made these images go viral.


sheds for women, photos images designs and ideas for she sheds

She Sheds, Garden Houses and Potting Sheds have become the favorite hot trending topic on blogs, magazines and online home idea websites like Houzz.com and pinterest.com

Women across the nation are becoming intrigued with the idea of having one of these little places, all for their own. This woman owner was interviewed in 2017 by a producer at NBC News about this specific shed. Although the film crew did not end up coming out to shoot... the photos of the shed did make it on the show as a larger story about she sheds.

Since then, other articles have been written about Jeff Doubet and his charming shed designs.




This She Shed is perfectly situated between a small orchard, a raised bed veggie garden and a small hobby vineyard.



she shed photos of garden houses for women images


She Sheds are literally little houses for women.

Unfortunately, the maintenance of a garden shed is the same as a house.


Nevertheless, I designed this San Ysidro Ranch style shed to have the same quality building materials, and made sure the architectural detailing of the shed matched the owner's house.

Luckily, this She Shed owner likes to "Home Make"... so she is right at home, gardening and taking care of her shed.

Board and Batten wood siding and high quality windows with wood sills are details that make for a high quality structure such as this special, 10 ft wide x 12 ft long x 10 ft tall garden shed.


Wood Cupola Price + Source


Copper Rooster Price + Source



California vineyard outbuilding and garden shed photos Santa Barbara California



For a drought tolerant landscape, a small hobby vineyard was planted. Grapes require very little water.


I have learned that if you water them too much, the grapes will not be nearly as sweet.



Flame Grapes (Red Table grapes) were researched and found to be the ideal grape for this coastal, Santa Barbara city location.



The little hobby vineyard of 30+ vines creates a beautiful rural feel within the city limits and look great for most of the year.






she shed, garden shed and potting shed design photos in Santa Barbara California

There are three veggie gardens on this property... so the owners have gardens tools that double as art compositions on the garden shed exterior walls.


The owners eagerly visit garage sales, junk stores and the local Habitat for Humanity Restore for inexpensive "props" to embellish the various garden vignettes we have created.





garden house sheds in vineyards in California santa barbara montecito area



This garden shed is enjoyed from many vantage points in the yard.


This photo was shot down near the house where another gravel patio with teak tables, chairs and lounges are close to the kitchen.


A simple fountain trickles in the foreground, and is a favorite with the hummingbirds as they love the Salvia next to it.





She Shed images and photos California Santa Barbara


Grateful for a bit of rain the night before:

I shot this image on a gloomy, "May Gray" morning in Santa Barbara-

just before the sun broke the fog...

This image helps illustrate how these charming She Sheds can be enjoyed as focal points from many different directions.


The quaint bird fountain is a local favorite with the feathered guests that hang out on this property.





Santa Barbara Home Design She Sheds, and the Best Quality Potting Shed Designs in Santa Barbara and Montecito California


Custom shed designs, photos and images by top local Santa Barbara designers


Best photos of this high quality Estate Entrance Shed are coming soon!

Please check back often as I will be adding a new project story about this Gate House style custom shed with window cupola...


Nearing completion, I enjoyed working with this talented project owner, and was honored to conceptually design the unique entrance shed to his quality property.





dream shed photos, information, designers and design website pages in California Montecito and Santa Barbara


Custom potting sheds are a specialty of mine...

and I enjoyed designing this one, nestled in the foothills of Santa Barbara California.


custom windows and door

wood cupola

copper finial

and designing wood shutters were just some of the bits of details that needed to be brought together.





Quality She Shed structure with plaster exterior, wood windows and cupola, copper gutters




Designing the authentic, hand hewn Santa Barbara Sandstone wall, location of stone steps etc were also key design elements that needed to be studied for a nice custom Santa Barbara Shed design composition.








She Shed Designers and Design Renderings in California Santa Barbara and Montecito


Working with a very talented project owner and his team...


I created this sketch for the overall design concept for the new guest house, landscaping and the custom potting shed to be a complimentary "mate" to the other buildings.



A quality project collaboration with the owner, his architect and a team of very talented independent Artisans, contractors, stone masons and landscape designers completes a medley of high quality buildings that have transformed this fixer property into a magical retreat, nested within dozens of acres of lemon groves, and a short hike to the beach!



She Shed custom designs, designers in California Santa Barbara and Montecito




including this one (Left)












rustic farm style potting shed photos and images in California Santa Barbara

ALSO: CLICK TO SEE some more of my other favorite custom shed designs and projects I have enjoyed being a part of...


including this brand new, rustic farm style potting shed on an amazing Gentleman's Ranch in the foothills of Santa Barbara, California.


Direct Sources for shed parts:

This Wood Cupola

This Copper Finial





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Please give me a call if you are thinking of designing a special shed retreat...


I look forward to helping you!




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