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Amazon has an amazing amount of products that compliment Spanish style homes and landscapes. Here I provide a convenient search box where you can try it out "live".



Santa Barbara Home Designer Online Store Picks


The Santa Barbara Home Design Online store is currently being remodeled. Once it is back up and running, you will find direct links to favorite items I have discovered on Amazon.

I enjoy curating these Spanish Style products available directly at Amazon. In the meantime, if you are looking for a very specific item, try typing it into the custom Amazon search bar (ABOVE).


Note: As an Amazon affiliate, I do receive a small commission for your purchases. There are no added costs to the price you pay for the products linked within this customized Amazon portal.


This is a simple experiment to try to monetize a small portion of my website. Your purchase will encourage me to keep pushing forward as I add new quality content for you to enjoy. Thanks for your support!


Jeff Doubet


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