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Cosmetic Fixer Ideas for Purchasing Traditional Style homes in Montecito and Santa Barbara:


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The most frequent compliment I enjoy receiving from Real Estate Investors, Buyers and Owners is that my Conceptual Design Renderings help bridge a gap between "What can I do with this fixer?" and the technical steps required for any given remodel.

A "Visual" for seeing how a project can turn out is an important and helpful tool you can use when communicating with your independent architect or general contractor.



Fixer properties for sale in Montecito photos


This Montecito fixer was recently purchased by an investor I have collaborated with on several high quality flips.








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A revision to the original concept... the side gate with roof vs. gate, roof with shed version (above).





Working with Top Producer Realtors in Montecito and Santa Barbara California


Santa Barbara and Montecito California Pocket listings generally become the best deals for real estate investors serious about bottom line profits.

Real estate is an extremely competitive market, and the top produer realtors in Montecito and Santa Barbara are well connected with homeowners in high quality neighborhoods, and are savvy in how they create win/win opportunities for sellers and buyers for these important pocket listings.

The business principal of working with the best talent in the industry is a must in our small, seaside hamlet.

I appreciate these fine folks, as they are great at what they do- and I get introduced to a steady stream of investors and buyers looking for, and needing those "next step" ideas for how to improve the property.

My Conceptual Home Design and Landscape Idea Services fill a niche market. Helping realtors, real estate investors and home buyers looking for cosmetic fixer ideas for homes in Montecito and Santa Barbara.



Cosmetic Fixer Properties Pocket Listings in best neighborhoods of Santa Barbara and Montecito


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Just 4 doors from the historic El Encanto Hotel in Santa Barbara...


This Old World Cottage theme was developed in this Conceptual Design Rendering for a local Santa Barbara Real Estate Investor.






fixer properties in best neighborhoods in Santa Barbara California images and photos

This cosmetic fixer home is in a perfect El Encanto neighborhood.

Other than the tract house to the left of it... it is surrounded by historic Santa Barbara style homes including a George Washington Smith home 2 doors down.

Check back for completed project photos...




Cape Cod home designs drawings renderings


For this project: I designed a Conceptual Rendering for a high end builder who was looking for ideas on how to accentuate the entrance and front door... giving it more curb appeal.


He also wanted ideas on how to connect the detached building, as a new Subterranean garage with guest house above it would be proposed on another part of the parcel.




Montecito California fixers with ocean views photos


The Montecito Fixer has wonderful ocean views out back.


In the conceptual design rendering above... I propose new view decks, and the option of upgrading the red brick garden walls to classic Sandstone.





Cape Cod style home designs drawings and landscapes

For this home on acreage near Hope Ranch, I was asked to develop concept ideas for how to upscale the existing structure.


Adjacent properties had already upgraded to a Cape Cod vernacular...

practical cues to propose this seaside aesthetic, and maximize the investment.



fixer ocean view homes  in Santa Barbara California photos

Upgrades included shake siding, quality wood windows and doors, new drought tolerant landscape, and an upgraded section of driveway that would better integrate the front door...

I also added a porch to the guest suite- a way to add curb appeal and mitigate the ugly flat roof of that adhoc addition.





California Ranch Style home designs, renderings, sketches


This special client requested a conceptual design that would charm up a nice California Ranch Style home that already has great bones.

New window scale/proportion/design was studied- and wood shutters, embellished porch details, chimney cap, gate were proposed.

Half round gutters with leader heads and rain chain were other details I sketched for them.




California ranch style fixer ideas, designs, photos and images


The owners also wanted a drought tolerant landscape design that would eliminate all grass.

A couple new canopy trees add character, shade and texture to the corner lot.

And a hint of an optional hedge or fence was also suggested.





Drawings, Renderings, Etchings in the old traditions of Spanish style home design images and photos


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