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Santa Barbara Spanish Revival Estate by Designer Jeff Doubet


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Casa Corazon Tower Entry Santa Barbara CA


For this project: Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet conceptualized a romantic spanish courtyard for Casa Corazon ...

a whole house design commission that included floor plan, elevations, landscape and architectural design elements throughout the interior and exterior of the project.


Architectural elements throughout this project included multiple Chimney Towers and a custom Secret Garden Archway.

Casa Corazon was a creative collaboration between Business Entrepreneur / Owner Builder Danny Vickers and Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet.


If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact Jeff Doubet to set up an initial consultation.





Santa Barbara Home Design Project Photos

Jeff and Danny plan placement of a custom Family Crest to be embedded in the plaster of the Secret Garden Arch... special elements that will be enjoyed by family and friends for generations to come.


Spanish Garden Arch by Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara CA




Fabrication of Casa Corazon Mailbox designed by Jeff Doubet



A unique Spanish style Mailbox custom designed by Jeff Doubet for the Casa Corazon property in Santa Barbara, CA.


Spanish Mailbox Designed by Jeff Doubet




Jeff Doubet sculpting Apple for Spanish Window Design Mock Up


A specially designed interior round window with Iron Grille for Casa Corazon was conceived when...

Jeff sculpts an apple slice before a meeting with the owner / builder and the independent construction artisans who would frame and plaster this architectural detail.





Barrel Ceiling and Spanish Window Santa Barbara


The organic mock up was an efficient way of getting the conceptual ideas across... and fun way to relate the design to the talented artisans that ran with the idea from there.



Coordination with a custom glass installer and hand wrought iron worker was also part of this Art Direction project for the Designer.



Round Spanish Window by Jeff Doubet



Casa Corazon Entrance Columns designed by Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara CA



Jeff (Designer/Art Director) and Danny (Project Owner/Builder) work with the artisan plasterers on a variety of projects.


Here, the team decides on perfect placement of the additional custom, cast stone family crest at the entry to the round brick motorcourt of Casa Corazon.






Sculptor Designer Jeff Doubet and Casa Corazon Medallion



Jeff puts the final finishing touches on an original clay sculpture for the Casa Corazon Spanish Revival Style Family Crest, which would eventually be cast in stone.



There are 20 symbolic elements that were sculpted in to this Crest...

representing unique aspects of the property, Owner/Builder and Artist/Designer that created it.




Decorative Spanish Revival Plaster Grilles Santa Barbara CA



Details make for classic projects.


Here, Jeff touches up a 2" thick, authentic spanish revival plaster grille...

one of the many decorative elements that were specified throughout the project.






Custom Lighting Design by Santa Barbara Designer Jeff Doubet


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I regularly work with clients that have special teams in place.


I provide on-site, hands on art director services for interior design and decorative detail elements for spanish style homes in Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch.


Here, I help the Homeowner's independently hired Artisans with art direction and refinement of the final plaster texture of the old world wall surface being applied to this work of art...






This PAGE representing Spanish Style Home projects with a variety of different interior and exterior house photos.


Jeff is a local Santa Barbara Home Designer that consults with local Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch homeowners, home buyers, their architect, general contractor and trades to conceptualize romantic, Spanish Style Home interiors, exteriors and Spanish style gardens and hardscapes.



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Jeff Doubet



*All drawings, sketches, photos and ideas on this website are copyrighted by Jeff Doubet. The hand drawn illlustrations and many of the photos are being developed in to a much larger body of work...

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All drawings, sketches, photos and ideas on this website are copyrighted by Jeff Doubet. The hand drawn illlustrations and many of the photos are being developed in to a much larger body of work...

A Coffee Table book! Final title and direct link on Amazon to be announced here in early 2018

If you would like to get on the email list for the book launch announcement, please contact Jeff by email or phone. Thank You.





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